Under the Sea Themed Cakes

Underwater themed cakes that your children will love for their next Birthday.

Our team at Exquisite Cakes, located in Castle Hill, Hills District are loving these new deigns that we created for some of our clients this year. These new trending cakes which mask thScreen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.17.16 pme theme of the ‘under the sea’ include fondant, buttercream, ganache, hand moulded figurines, sea-like animal creatures and an eye for design which will be sure to catch everyones attention at your next occasion.

If you have a particular design that you love or simply see a cake that you would like us to replicate, then send us through an email with the image attached of what you would like us to create and one of our talented cake decorators will be able to quote you over an email within the next few business days. Find the link on our website on the top right hand side or click here on REQUEST A QUOTE’  and we can start creating your dream cake with this one simple step.

These super cool cakes feature beautiful blue colours which replicate the ocean and sea beautifully, finishing it off with a fondant or buttercream finish. Did you know we can personalise this cake for you or your child’s birthday? Yep, that’s right, using our edible imaging system, we can create either a plaque or banner quoting anything that you would like to have written. Don’t fancy a banner or plaque?

Lucy's Under the Sea themed Cake

Lucy’s Under the Sea themed Cake

Don’t stress! We can create fondant cut out letters in so many different ways. Just put that in your email or check out our website for more designs on how we can create that personal touch just for you. Want to be a little different?

Why not add some cupcakes to match the theme of your cake and add a personalised plaque or an image of the special birthday boy/girl? This is just a few of many different designs that we can do for you. If you find an item/ornament that you love, then we can incorporate that into the cake design.