Macarons – what can we say – of course they are amazing!

Current flavours are salted caramel, strawberry, passionfruit, lemon, pistacho, vanilla bean, hazelnut, chocolate.

Basic styles sell for $3.00 each or a mixed box is $18.00.   Any extra decoration to the basic macaron is additional.

Order now to try this incredible treats.

  • Macaron Unicorns
  • Macarons decorated with figurine
  • Macaron with ornaments
  • Branded Macarons
  • Macaron Gifts
  • Macaron Share pack
  • Share pack macarons for weddings
  • Small Macaron Tower and flowers (approx 70 macarons used)
  • Large Macaron Tower (approx 186 macarons in used)