Gingerbread houses

Customised gingerbread houses are are speciality

Gingerbread houses are always popular to give as gifts or as a promotional gift for businesses and corporations.  An extension to our cake business is our gingerbread business, That Gingerbread Place, which customises the houses and gifts for all events.

Whether it be Christmas, corporate events, birthdays, house warmings etc we can customise the house for any event.

Pop over to our online website and order your house now. All designs are unique us.

Did we tell you the we can send Australia wide? Order through the website and the site will work out the delivery cost.  If you prefer the houses can be ordered via Exquisite Cakes and collected from our store


  • Noel
  • American
  • Cheers gingerbread house
  • Winter Wonderland gingerbread house