Children’s Cupcakes

What type of cupcakes do you require for your childs party?

These are just a few of the styles of cupcakes we have created.   Let us know your theme and we can create something special for the party.  Our basic cupcakes  start at $4.50 with piped swirl of icing on the top  – any additional decorating is an extra cost.

Printed photos or logos on cupcakes are an additional $1.00 per disc. Call us on 8850 1340 to discuss your requirements

  • Pink and purple twirl cupcakes
  • Blue, white and silver styled cupcakes
  • Swirl of icing on cupcakes and flower
  • Styled cupcakes with disc
  • Gold flecked cupcakes
  • Unicorn Cupcakes
  • Cupcake with moulded sugar ornament
  • Sheep Cupcakes
  • Edible print discs on cupcakes
  • Edible print discs with fluted edge
  • Spiderman Cupcakes
  • Piped and moulded cupcake topper
  • Basketball cupcakes
  • Soccer cupcakes with printed image
  • Piped soccer cupcakes & ball
  • Stars on cupcake
  • Sponge Bob Cupcake plaques
  • Halloween cupcakes with moulded hat and broomsticks
  • Minecraft cupcakes
  • Sundae cupcakes
  • Chicken cupcakes
  • Cupcakes shaped as dress
  • Cupcakes shaped as Belle's dress
  • Sea themed cupcakes with shells
  • Carrot Figurine Cupcake
  • Frozen themed cupcakes with snowflake
  • Blossom cupcakes
  • Daisy cupcakes
  • Cupcakes with cactus detail
  • Fondant iced cupcakes with sugar rose
  • Round farm card cupcake toppers