Pricing of our cakes

At Exquisite Cakes, we pride ourselves on creating stunning edible masterpieces that are unique to our customers and suits their needs perfectly.
From the high quality ingredients we use to create our delicious and unique flavour combinations by our master baker, to the many, many hours that go into making these cakes – they are individually hand crafted. Baked from scratch, perfectly layered with a rich chocolate ganache filling, beautifully covered in rolled fondant, and then perfectly decorated to suit your specific design.
All of our cakes are custom designed and because of this, the price of your cake will depend on a number of things – the complexity of the design, the number of tiers, the flavours chosen and the amount of time that needs to go into your cake.
We do not mass produce our cakes, and do not carry cakes ‘in stock’. All of our cakes are ‘made to order’ and therefore your order should be booked in at least 2 weeks prior to delivery, to allow ample time to create your masterpiece.
Prices below are designed as a guide only, however they will give you a great starting point. If you are after a specific price, feel free to contact us on 8850 1340 and speak to one of our friendly staff or send us an email with your ideas on info@yourexquisitecake.com.au. Please remember to let us know how many people the cake is to serve as well as portion sizes.

Pricing Guide

Our cake prices are determined on a number of items and really depend on the size, complexity and quantity of work involved. Please bear in mind that even a small/simple cake will require at least 6 hours of work to complete and are never completed in one day.
The following is only a general guide so you know what to expect but please contact us for your personal, obligation free quote!

  • Regular Shaped Cakes: (prices are for fondant iced, 4 inch tall cakes)
  • Single tiered cakes: start from $200 (8 inch round cake)
  • Two tiered cakes: start from $300 (5 & 8 inch round cakes)
  • Three tiered cakes: start from $500 (5, 8 & 11 inch round cakes)
  • Four tiered cakes: start from $700 (4, 7, 10 & 13 inch round cakes)
  • {Please note: square cakes and extended height cakes (ie. cakes taller than 4 inches) will cost more than regular round cakes. Not only do they serve more per size, they require more time and skill to create perfect edges. Please contact us for individual quotes}
  • Sculpted Novelty Cakes: start from $350

Modelled Sugar Figurines:

  • Bride & Grooms: from $350 per pair
  • Babies/Children: from $120 per child
  • Characters/Animals: from $60 but prices vary greatly, depending on size and complexity, so please contact us for a quote.
  • {Please note: Our figurines and sugar flowers are created exclusively for our cakes and aren’t sold separately)

Cupcakes/Cake Pops/Macarons

  • Standard Cupcakes: from $4 each with basic decoration.
  • Characters/Animals/3D Moulded Toppers: from $4 each but prices vary greatly, depending on size and complexity, so please contact us for a quote.
  • Edible Image Discs: from $1 each

Cake Pops: starting from $4.00 each.

Macarons: Standard colours and flavours are $3 each, custom designed colours and flavours are $3.50 each.

Why Should-You Consider Exquisite Cakes to Create Your Wedding Cake?

  • Our cakes are made from the freshest ingredients possible with no additional added preservatives.
  • Our cakes are baked by a fully qualified baker/pastrycook who is well regarded in the baking industry. In fact, he used to judge at the Royal Easter Show, Canberra Show and the Fine Food Fairs in Sydney! So he absolutely knows what a great cake is!
  • Our cakes are decorated with care and passion – no cake leaves our store unless we are 100% happy with it – this ensures our customer will be delighted with the end result
  • We will assign one design consultant to your order so that you have one contact only!
  • Delivery and setup available

What Size Cake do we need?

Below we have uploaded a guide for you to choose works best for your special event cake.

If your cake is being cut up to have with coffee a smaller size (Coffee size) should be selected however if its desert size the larger size will definitely be needed to accommodate a desert size slice.

Sizes Round Square
Inches Centimeters Coffee Desert Coffee Desert
4 10 5 2.5 8 4 COFFEE
5 12 11 5.5 15 7.5 Cm 2.5X4 cm
6 15 20 10 24 12 Inches 1″ X 1.5″
7 18 24 12 28 14
8 20 35 17.5 40 20 DESERT
9 23 40 20 54 27 Cm 2.5X8 cm
10 25 54 27 60 30 Inches 1″ X 1.3″
11 27 71 35.5 77 38.5
12 30 82 41 96 48
13 33 90 45 118 59
14 36 124 62 144 72

Ordering Your Cake

We recommend  in the first instance using our Request a Quote form, this will give us all the information we need to give an approximate price. If you would like to proceed and meet with us after this we can book you in for a full consultation and tasting and provide a firm quote.

To confirm your order, a $100 deposit is required within  1 mth of the quote, with the balance being due two weeks before the event.

For events other than weddings we often work by phone and email to finalise a design and quote, and of course we are more than happy to work by email if you are planning your wedding from interstate or overseas.

Booking Your Cake

To avoid disappointment, Exquisite Cakes suggests providing at least 3mths notice for wedding cakes and 3-6 weeks for corporate, birthday and other occasion cakes,  the more notice given the better. Please note  September to December are our busiest mths so at  least 9 mths notice needs to be given for these months.

Our cakes are all made to order however,  in exceptional cases, cakes may be turned around within the week please call  8850 1340 if  the cake is required within the week.

Replicating a cake Picture

You are welcome to bring in photos of cakes from other designers for inspiration, however we do not do copy  other designer’s work. We also ask for others to respect the copyright ownership of our original cake designs.

Cake Budget

Concealing your budget can lead to miscommunication and cakes which are designed without financial constraint, wasting everyone’s time, namely yours. Being open about this from the outset allows Exquisite Cakes to include as many of your desired elements in the design without compromising your budget. If you have decided on a fairly conservative cake budget, discuss a fresh flower option with your designer, this is great alternative to attempting to recreate a cheaper version of a more extravagant cake.

We are happy to work within your budget and encourage you to contact us for a design/tasting appointment where we can discuss your cake order in person. Meeting us face-to-face and getting to know your ideas is the best way to plan a spectacular cake!  We are open 7 days  however to meet a designer please make an appointment so we can ensure  one of the designers is available on the day.  Please ring 8850 1340 to organise  the appointment

Sugar vs. Fresh Flower

Why not choose our exquisite sugar handcrafted flowers – they are so versatile and are always in season! They add an intricate and dainty touch to your wedding cake. We can even apply edible pearl dust or glitter to add a touch of glitz and glam to your wedding cake.

After your special day they can be returned to us to put onto a sugar plaque to be kept as a memento if preferred.

However, if fresh flowers are preferred we can work with your florist or we have some wonderful florists who we use regularly and create masterpieces.

**Please be aware some flowers are poisonous and cannot be used on cakes, always check this with florists when ordering fresh flowers

Another way of making your cake a highlight of your wedding is by adding lights to the top tier. It looks amazing, especially at night when it glows in front of your bridal table!

Taste Testing

Taste testing our cakes before placing an order –  Our tantalising flavours are shown on our flavours page.

Please send us a email with the flavours you would like to try and we can have them baked so you are able to enjoy them with a coffee at our shop.   We suggest choosing 6 flavours to taste test.  Cost to taste test is  $2.50 per sample.

Samples are provided without icing so the actual cake can be tasted.

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