Budget Friendly Cake

Make your celebration special with our NEW range of budget-friendly cakes for all occasions! Enjoy delicious treats without breaking the bank.Whether it’s a birthday party or just a special dinner at home, these cakes are ideal!

To add some extra flair an impact, we add our custom designed card cake toppers that match the theme of your event.

Flavours  in this range are vanilla butter cake and chocolate butter cake only

The cake is a double barrel size (which is 2 cakes iced as one to make one modern tall cake).    Size is 6″ x 6″ tall round which serves 20 average servings – $160

***No modifications to topper designs besides the name and age for this range. Unless otherwise stated.

(Can’t find a topper in your parties theme we can create other themes but this would be at an additional cost)

Option 1 – Coloured drip with swirls on top and topper. Colour or decoration to match topper theme.

Option 2 – Swirls on top and sprinkles on base and  plus topper. Colour or decoration to match topper theme.

Topper themes in photo below.

  • Cake Themes
  • Design
  • 80s Pattern
  • Bananas are in Pajamas
  • Batman
  • Bluey and Bingo
  • Cocomelon (bright)
  • Cocomelon JJ (pastel)
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Encanto Mirabel
  • Fire Truck with Puppy
  • Fortnite
  • Friends Clapper Board
  • Friends Couch Central Perk
  • Frozen, Elsa, Anna and Olaf
  • Gamer (Level UP)
  • Go Kart
  • Gymnastics
  • Hero's of GooJitzu
  • Mario (Wii)
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minecraft
  • Paintball Target
  • Pastel Disco
  • Pastel Roblox
  • Pastel Unicorn
  • Roblox City with Characters
  • Soccer (blue)
  • Soccer (green)
  • Sonic and Friends
  • Sonic Rings
  • Spiderman
  • Spirit Horse
  • Super Mario Bros
  • The Wiggles
  • TikTok
  • Wild One Safari
  • Under the Sea
  • Train Theme
  • The Gruffalo
  • Star Wars
  • Rubble Paw Patrol
  • Roblox
  • Squishmallows
  • Rio
  • Red & Gold Butterflies
  • Peppa Pig
  • Panthers
  • Little Lion
  • Laser Tag
  • Harry Potter
  • Harley Davidson
  • Graduation
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Cowgirl
  • Construction
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Broncos
  • Barbie