Mother’s Day – Thanks for Caring Mum!

Mother’s day is special as you’re no doubt aware,

It’s time to thank Mum, for being there to care.

It happens once a year, (the first week of May)

We thank our Mum on this very special day.


Cupcake with rose and gold centre

Cupcake with rose and gold centre

It’s the day we thank our Mum for all the things we put her through starting from the early days of irregular sleeping patterns, nappies, and messy meal times where she feeds, cleans, and cleans again. To the mood swings of adolescence, money for a movie and the luxury service of a personal taxi. Even as adults Mum is always there to hear us complain about life and its hurdles. Mums are great. So how do we say thanks to our super-hero Mums?


Maybe some chocolate, flowers, or card with a poem.

Maybe some jewellery, clothes, candles and Lotion.

These are all gifts that all Mums have seen before

Maybe 20, 30, 40 times or more.




So what is the best way to really say “thanks for being my Mum”? It has to be personal, unique, something she has never unwrapped before. Something feminine, that recognises her for her caring nature. It might taste sweet, with a spicy aroma… with flowers and hearts, glitter and ribbons. Regardless, she will say thanks and smile… ‘cause that’s just what Mums do I guess.

We know how hard it is to think of the perfect gift for our Mum. It can be hard… very hard, which is why we have put together a little Mother’s Day range. Cookie Flower Bouquets inscribed with custom Mother’s Day messages of love. Our popular macrons can also be ordered with unique inscriptions or your own personal pictures which only begins to express how much we appreciate our Mum.



Packed in a gift box, looking pretty and such,

You might add a bow, if it’s not too much,

Wrap it up nicely and hand it to Mum,

Thanking her with cookies was never so fun.


Exquisite Cakes would like to wish every Mother a Happy Mother’s day. We hope you are spoilt with gifts of appreciation, recognising how hard it is to be a mother to your daughters and sons.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day