Georgie Shore takes the cake in Australia

Geordie Shore Big Birthday Battle Cake

Geordie Shore Big Birthday Battle Cake

Our 10 seconds of fame

Fancy sharing cake in bed? These Geordies didn’t mind.

​The Geordies are back for a 5 year birthday battle and boy did we all love this season. With an emotional return with familiar faces, the whole squad are put to the test with the biggest challenge yet. Luckily for our team at Exquisite Cakes, we got to be a part of it all!

Our cakes went all around Sydney  from  print, radio and TV for the launch of the 2016 season of the ever popular Geordie Shore TV series. With 17 of these gorgeous butter cream iced cakes featuring edible imaging on top with all of our favourite Geordie faces, our media sources thought they were EPIC! Our store in Castle Hill were feeling Geordie over load, with a production line of all staff, helping to decorate and box, as we got these cakes out. Our first delivery to #kiis1065 radio station caught us talking to Ricci, the English lad who we all adore. We must admit, our cheeks went a little red when we spotted the handsome, man, holding our funky cakes with a hot pink bow. However our busy day didn’t stop there.. carting these hot looking cakes all around Sydney companies including, #okmagazine and #MTV we sure as happy as a pig in mud.

Check out @kiis1065 on instagram and see the proof in the pudding, we even got a comment from Ricci! If you think that your business would like to do something similar, contact us today and see what other amazing cakes we can create for you.