Fresh versus dried or silk flowers

Fresh versus dried or silk flowers on cakes is a question so many of our customers ask.  So lets talk about the comparison between Fresh VS Dried VS Silk flowers!

There are four main points to discuss when your comparing fresh, dried and silk flowers; Price, looks, variation and safety!

Pricing varies between the three categories but theres no denying flowers can be expensive no matter what type you choose.


Gold and lilac cake with silk Singapore orchids cascading down

The price can vary depending on flower type, colour and seasonal availability especially! If you think about it,  red roses around Valentines day are super EXPENSIVE! The same goes for any  flowers around Mothers day! So seasonal flowers means that silk flowers could be a much cheaper option! You may also find that some types of flowers are only grown at certain times of year. Growers may use special methods and practices to grow these varieties year round which can really increase the price during the off season. Flowers are expensive no matter which kind you choose, so always remember our costing includes sourcing, storing, wiring and taping as well as arranging your florals onto your cake!

The visual appearance of the flowers on the type of cake ordered can determine what style of flower is the best option!

If a customer is looking for the dried effect with the florals on their cake then obviously this is the best option! Whereas if your were adding white flowers to a wedding cake, it may be more cost effective to use silk flowers as they give the effect of real flowers but will not wilt or bruise.  Between arranging the florals and delivering the cake to the cake cutting at a wedding reception. Also “Real Touch” Silk flowers do look real not like the silk flowers of past years, it can be difficult to tell whether they are silk or fresh!


Green engagement cake with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are usually best when matching to the florals of the event. Mom florists can provide the flowers the same which are being used at the event  This way the floral displays can directly match the cake floral arrangements! Its good to keep in mind that if your event florist is providing us with the flowers, they must wire an tape the flowers so we can decorate your cake. or there will be  additional cost s for us to do so. All  fresh flowers need to be  wired and taped for the safety of people consuming the cakes.  

If pesticides have been used in growing the flowers there may be residue  in the stems which is why we insist on taping the flowers. It’s a safety reason which is another reason so many of our customers are now requesting  silk flowers.

Lets talk variations!

This can be a limiting factor when it comes to silk flowers, there just isn’t as wide a variation in silks as there is in fresh or dried flowers!  Silk flowers don’t necessarily limit you in their variety, they just cannot make and stock every style in every colour! This can also depend on the stockist that is used, we like to visit out friends at Flowerama Sydney. (Just down the road from our store) because we find that they have a WIDE array of  (real touch) silk flowers in many different colours! But you might find that the variety closest to you is more limited! This is where fresh and dried flowers can be a better option.

This is a big one, SAFETY!

Many people may not realise that lots of flowers can be poisonous and should not be used on on cakes! They might be beautiful, but there is no point risking your guests lifes just for beautiful fresh flowers. This is where we can provide you with the look of fresh flowers but the safety of silk flowers! No matter which option you choose, all flowers have to be wired and taped before being added to a cake so that no fresh stem, silk stem, or dried stem can touch the cake. Its VERY important to use something food safe to create a barrier between the stem and the cake, protecting the cake from any sap etc. We like to wire and tape our flowers, but that just is our favourite method! You can also use straws, melted chocolate for dipping your stems in and various other methods to protect your yummy cake from the non-edible components of florals!

Do you have any questions relating to fresh VS dried VS silk flowers? Call us on 8850 1340 to discuss