Feeling Jolly in the Season of Holly

It’s December and Christmas is finally around the corner. As we rush around the shopping malls and transform our homes into a festive display, things start to get that Christmas feel. Maybe it’s something about the generosity that comes with Christmas, or maybe it’s the jolly men who sit to take photos with children. But it makes us smile.

There’s something about Christmas that feels so comforting. It could be the whole family being together, all the food, hot summer days… or could simply be a bit too much wine. Whatever it is, it all comes together in a flashing red and green, tinsel covered package.

Every family has their own Christmas traditions, some start with presents, others start with food. And everyone wants to be the host to a successful and enjoyable day. So… where do you start?

Throwing a Christmas party is no easy task, you need outside seating, inside seating if it rains, food for everyone, decorations around the house, a nice big Christmas tree (bigger than any other), and an oven pre-heated to 220 degrees. After you prepare your food and plate it all up, there’s some time to relax while everyone sits down to eat. Then all the dirty plates come back to the kitchen… (Unless of course you take shortcuts and use paper plates).

Some of us like to indulge in a seafood buffet, others prefer roasts or maybe a few mixed platters. But nothing tops off a fun family Christmas day like the perfect dessert.

When I hear people saying “…and what’s for dessert?” I bring out a smile. Not because I didn’t prepare anything, or because it accidentally burnt in the oven, but because I got the best damn dessert I could find!

With choices of Gingerbread treats, Tarts, Ice Cream Cakes, and Fruit Mince Tarts and Puddings, you can’t go wrong here at Exquisite Cakes. Let’s just say, Dessert is something we know how to handle.