Exquisite Cakes and That Gingerbread Place features on The Living Room October 30

Miguel and Alannah

Miguel and Alannah at the shop

Our 10 seconds of media fame

We had the pleasure of being invited to  showcase our store on The Living Room.

The brief for the show was for us to create a huge gingerbread house which could be moved from our store to the Rouse Hill Regional Park.  The feature was for Halloween and they wanted a spooky atmosphere for the shoot.


Transporting the gingerbread house

The Gingerbread Gang putting the house into the van

Day 1 of filming was at the shop from 8 to fish (these guys really work lon hours filming) so during this time the shop was closed but many faces were peering into Exquisite Cakes and That Gingerbread Place store to see Miguel.  He really is what you see on TV loud, welcoming and an amazingly funny person.

Day 2 saw us take the house to the Rouse Hill park and in amongst spiders, ants and cobwebs the show segment featuring the large gingerbread house was taped.

On Oct 15 we were invited into the Ten Studios to see the filming of the show which  was great fun as everyone who attended were asked to dress up in Halloween clothes.  Filming started at 6.30 and ended about 12.00pm.

The living room gingerbread house  at Park 3

The Gingerbread house complete with ghosts, bats and pumpkins!