Amateur radio cake

Our team at Exquisite Cakes had the absolute pleasure of creating an Amateur radio cake. This intricate design portrayed the real life radio.. and boy did it look alike!

To our benefit, the creation of this amateur radio cake has enabled us to gain an understanding of the functioning and features of Amateur radio operators!



Amateur radio

An amateur radio operator’s use equipment within an amateur radio station in order to engage in two-way personal communications. To hold a license of this class the individual needs to sit a technical exam. If they pass, they then are granted an amateur radio license by governmental regulatory authority.

Amateur radio operators are assigned an individual call sign that they then use to identify themselves during communication. The antenna on the top of the radio specifies each individual’s code. This amateur radio cake is very special to the fanatic, his own code VK2AJP was used on the top of this very cake.


Amateur radio cake


The creation of this design involved a great amount of intricate detail and attention in order to portray the real life radio. There is also a great amount of detail in the buttons and measurement scales.

The individuality of the design had made us greatly intrigued to understand the background of this cake. Josef claimed the end result to be a masterpiece and we just absolutely loved creating this elaborate design alongside learning about it too!




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